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DIV1 Caulking and Sealants is a caulking and sealant company based in Kelowna, BC and serving all of British Columbia.  Our company is apart of the DIV1 Projects Ltd. group of companies and draws on established operational systems. We are fully insured: $5,000,000 liability insurance and are in good standing with WorkSafeBC.


Categories of Work 


  • Firestopping systems 

  • Disease and infection control

  • Healthcare 

  • Multifamily

  • Industrial

  • Institutional


Key Personnel

Elisabeth Goforth - Owner/Caulking and Sealant specialist


  • 7 years working as a caulking specialist and lead hand

  • Canadian Healthcare Construction Course completed May 2019

  • Experience providing firestopping and disease and infection control caulking at the Surrey Memorial Hospital, Kelowna General Hospital, Stanton Territorial Hospital(Yellowknife), Penticton Regional Hospital, and the Pines Cafeteria Expansion

  • Occupational First Aid level 1


Christopher Thomas - Project Manager, Quality Program


  • Construction Science and Management - Bachelor of Applied Technology

  • Managing large scale commercial and industrial demolition projects (+20million) in the downtown core of Toronto.   

  • Remote location operations management on mining projects internationally, developing safety protocols and supervising workflows.



If you have questions or would like more information feel free to contact Christopher Thomas at your convenience by email at chris@div1projects.com or by phone at 250-341-1624.   


Firestopping is one of the fastest changing scopes of work in construction.  Testing is continually improving the technology and application of systems which means your firestop contractor needs to be informed in real time.  DIV1 is meeting this challenge through continuous education and training and maintaining relationships with manufacturers such as Specialized Technologies, Hilti and 3M.

When a fire separation like a floor or wall has openings in it due to pipe and wire holes it loses its fire resistance rating.  By using firestop systems incorporating endothermic and intumescent caulking, firestop collars, and other devices we can give back that rating to the satisfaction of the latest regulations and testing.

All firestop systems are tested in a controlled environment using large furnaces by accredited third parties.  When a system meets the required fire resistance rating the third party testing agency can then list it. 

Products do not have fire ratings.  Complete assemblies have ratings.

DIV1 considers this potential for change at the onset of every submittal package; assemblies are checked to ensure they are proven systems well before any installations take place.


Caulking is one of the final touches of a project.  It is often cosmetic but also serves an important purpose.  Disease and Infection control is often overlooked and requires experienced workers and specialized products to meet health standards.  DIV1 workers have the training and experience required to complete large scale disease and infection control contracts efficiently and with high quality.